The Venus Factor

Oh dear!  This morning I reached for the cat’s box of Friskies instead of my Muesli.  Help!  I think I need some analysing.

Maybe the cat really is in control.

Earlier on in my blogs I mentioned that part of the house-sitting deal is looking after Venus, the cat, who initially tried to pinch my defrosting dinner time chops.  However, being frozen (and as she’s getting a tad long in the tooth) she had trouble sinking her fangs into them.

Venus is a wily cat, a very pretty girl with lovely green eyes.  I would say she rules the roost though.  I don’t let her sleep on my bed so every morning at around 7.00 she begins to make her presence known outside the door.  I hear the message ‘Hey, it’s breakfast time you lazy slouch.  Get up and feed me’.  I give it about ten and, fed up with the scratching, eventually bow to her demands.  She flees downstairs at about as many knots as she can manage, straight to her cat bowl.

Still bleary eyed, accompanied by plaintiff miaowing, I sort out the overnight invasion of ants into said cat’s bowl and shove the Friskies into it as fast as I can to shut her up.

Time for a relaxing cup of tea, with Venus now doing her business in the kitty litter tray.  And why the kitty litter tray?  Because she is being terrorised by a neighbour’s cat who won’t give her a moment’s peace.

Venus sits inside, waiting for the right time to exit via her personal cat door.  She hovers, jumping at every single noise, then finally launches herself through the door out into the fresh air and sets off warily.  Very often, a black shape will appear through a gap in the fence which results in Venus doing a re-charge straight back through her magnetically controlled cat door.  Perhaps angered (or satisfied) with Venus’s rapid disappearance, the black cat then butts its head against the cat door outside while Venus cowers, safely inside, but terrified.

It’s a little like humans, is it not?  There are certain people in this world who successfully intimidate, bully and terrorise others.  Venus is basically a sweet and unassuming feline, used to going about her business, enjoying her food, taking the occasional saunter outside in the fresh air, then pouf, along comes ‘Nasty New Puss On The Block’, determined to displace Venus from her stable secure pussycat world.

It’s hardly fair.  However, thanks to an understanding vet, we now have  a plug in the wall cat anti-anxiety diffuser (I wonder if it works on humans too) so I’m alert for any signs of improvement.

In the meantime I’ll just go and finish my Friskies … sorry, my Muesli.


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3 Responses to “The Venus Factor”

  1. John Davies Says:

    Love this one LC. Close to the best yet I reckon.

  2. Rosemary Frost Says:

    I did chuckle at this one, having two very demanding dogs, and having owned a rather neurotic poodle in the past. An unfortunate truth that bullies exist in all facets of our lives, and our pets are by no means immune. But perhaps I’m just being too serious, any cat with a name like ‘Venus’ should be expecting to be pursued, maybe the moggy next door is amorous, rather than aggressive? Hope of feline valium does the trick.

  3. tinaruthsblog Says:

    You may well be right, Rosemary, thanks for your comment.

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